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We have sets upon sets of well-designed, on-brand marketing materials to help you distinguish the best choice for your space.

Take a glimpse and weigh your options among our roster of cutting-edge products through various mediums such as display boards, racking systems, shade cards, strap sets, chip sets, as well as individual cut samples.
Create an entirely new program with us with your selection of visuals, specifications and requirements.

Let us help you create all the sampling and marketing materials with it so that you have a fully fleshed out product line and brand.
WHAT IS <b>SPC</b>?
SPC flooring, or Stone Plastic Composite Flooring, is the most recent and innovative addition to the Luxury Vinyl family. Featuring well-engineered planks and tiles, SPC is the solution for longer-lasting floors. This 100% waterproof product, uses a powerful combination of limestone and stabilizers to create a dimensionally balanced, dent-resistant structure making it an extremely durable rigid core. The surface textures and backing provide higher levels of comfort compared to all other vinyl plank solutions.